Life and Death


Here is the final product in watercolors. I noticed through this assignment that I am becoming faster in working with this medium and I manage to get most of the details thanks to that. I still have problems in creating (and appreciating) the addition of the background. I DO NOT like the choices I made for the skull’s background and (as always) I believed the subject matter would have been more interesting if I left a white background. BACKGROUNDS ARE BAD AND NOBODY WILL EVER CONVINCE ME OF THE OPPOSITE!


Commemorative Stamps: Hitchcock


Here I am going digital again. I guess the biggest issue was trying to blend the images together and create a cohesive composition despite the different color pallettes and images. I could have rendered the camera a little better, but I believe I am still not familiar enough with the media.

I am overall satisfied with the final look although I would love to avoid working with photoshop again (I can’t stand the software and it took me FOREVER to finish the drawing).

The “Gouachefather” #Iamsofunny


So…did not turn out as expected. I believe that the Marlon Brando of the marker comp looked more like him. I have a hard time controlling the subtractive gouache technique. Unlike watercolors, it is impossible to overload it with water if I don’t want to take away the color and apparently just any amount of water is too much. For this reason, it was hard to me to obtain smooth color transitions and shading. In addition to that, when one of the subject matters is a horseshoe…ugly things happen. Not a fan of this one.

Product Illustration


A recurrent issue that I have been having for the last couple of assignments is the printing outcome. In this illustration and in the one of the fish, the tones turned out darker than the original illustration, the reason why this one looks slightly better is that I cut out the background. I do not believe it is a problem of the printer, instead, I believe it depends on how I took the pictures or the fact that I am not familiar with the camera.

From Watercolor to Digital

I put much more work in the landscape once again. This digital landscape gave me much more margin of error since there are no perfect edges in nature, therefore, they don’t demand precise outlines. In the architecture’s drawing I struggled a lot for the same reason that has been afflicting me in any other digital drawing: can’t get a straight line! I just can’t! Seems like all the assignments and sleepless nights are being useless!

Some UUUGLY Watercolor Landscapes and Architecture

I definitely put more effort in the landscape given that I hate them. Once I got to the architecture, I completely gave up… These are unfortunately some of the best I got because there’s some pretty ugly stuff between the ones I am not posting. The positive outcome of those for which I could care less is that I didn’t spend more than 20 minutes on them 🙂

Line Art, Watercolor & First Digital Character

Okay, let’s talk about it…the most difficult part of this project is scanning and printing it. First, I learned some new things (that should have been obvious by now) about scanning with the right ppi and color quality depending on whether the artwork is line art or color art. Second, it is really hard to find an injekt to print the images with when there is NOBODY WORKING IN THE OUTPUT CENTER, and (as I said in class but nobody ever believes me) BARNETT DOES NOT HAVE AN INJEKT PRINTER! Or actually, they do but it is for LARGE PRINTS, NOT print jobs which are 8.5 x 11! So now, I have to find a solution ASAP!

After venting my emotions, I would like to discuss the pieces. I am not going to talk too much about my line art piece, for I believe it is not any different from the other line art pieces I worked on (with the exception that the subject matter in this one is ridiculously cute). For my turtle, I tried to mimic a technique used by many artists who work primarily with watercolor. The bottom-right side of the turtle turned out a little muddy, but if I added more color on top I would have probably made it worse. Sometimes it is better to stop instead of overworking the piece. For what it concerns the creation of my character… well, it definitely did not turn out as well as I expected. In the past, I tried to create “Marvel style” characters, but I seem to struggle a lot when I try to project on paper what is in my head. This character is a practical example of what I am trying to say. As everyone can see the proportions, highlights, and shadows are a little off and perhaps I did not convey my ideas as I wanted. This might depend on the fact that I yet have to find a personal style.